• Who is Ermasol?
    Ermasol Is a Design & Manufacturing Company


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The customer knows very well his product and his market, we know the electronic manufacturing processes, the design and evolution of the electronic components market. Our consulting services are focused on sharing knowledge of design and manufacturing for maximum product profitability.


The continued evolution of the technological sectors has led the manufacturers to review the processes and methodologies. Be a product of a high volume or a product of few units, we will find a way to achieve optimum profitability.


Whatever your structure as a company, depending on how your product evolves in the market, there is a way in which it adapts to the needs of your particular case.

Technological feasibility studies.

Know the types of technology possible, the components that can be used to solve your needs. At what price can the product be made. Types of solutions depending on the volume of the product, depending on the cost of design, etc …

Economic feasibility studies.

We have a design, as we can improve the economic performance of it. Depending on the evolution of market components and manufacturing technology. We can look at what components may be equivalent depending on market movement.

Advice on selection of components.

In design phases, the selection of components is fundamental to achieve the best economic performance, there are several components of different brands with different prices that serve for their design. Another important aspect is the ability to redesign that you want to achieve, a design that has a long life involves selecting components with stability by the manufacturer. A design that wants to get the best price involves touching something every year.

Product lifecycle support plan.

Supervision of the market of the products in portfolio, we provide solutions to the movements of components in the market. Providing customers with solutions how to modify the product to remain in the market.


Influence on price

  • Manufacturing
  • Design

The most important part to optimize the performance of the product is in the development stage of the same, to optimize its productive costs it is necessary to know the market of the components that form it as well as the processes of assembly.


It may be necessary to take a very fast product in the market and see what acceptance is, without having to have high costs in the design and industrialization of it. Then in second stages it is sought to stabilize the design achieving the maximum benefit.

In some organizations design engineers who do not have specialized comparative support in the electronic components sector can select components that are perfectly valid for the design in question, it may also be the case that other components are perfectly valid and have a higher price Low in comparison. Engineers are good at designing we know the market, what components are left to manufacture and consequently the price will rise or a new design will be needed, equivalents that can be used, etc.

It may be necessary to evolve the product in function of the evolution of the market, every year there are new components new techniques that can provide a better profitability of the product. The components are analyzed every year to look for the best price option without the need for redesign.