• Who is Ermasol?
    Ermasol Is a Design & Manufacturing Company


Iso 9001 - 14001


Serial production services


e offer a full range of services to meet the needs of electronic assembly of all types of designs. Our production flow designs enable you to benefit from fast assembly services.

All of us are committed to the maximum effort to meet delivery times, we know how important it is to keep the flow productive.

We focus on the industrial and consumer sectors with small quantities and short cut fabrications.


Our manufacturing plant has the necessary equipment to provide quality results that can be repeated continuously.

We specialize in prototyping and assembly services for low volume PCBs, even for a circuit.



List of main capabilities:

Quantity No minimum. We prioritize low quantities to small quantities and prototypes.
Manufacturing Time 1 Day, 3 Days, 5 Days, 10 Days
Assembly type SMD, THT, THR

Double face, single face.
Integration of equipment.
Cables in boxes.

Type of Welding Double Wave,

Lead Free (RoHS)

Components Passive Components to 01005
Fine Pich 0.3mm
QFPs, QFNs, BGAs, LGAs, etc.
Pressure Connectors
Dimensions Dimensions Small 25x25mm
Maximum 450x600mm
Pcb alone or panel.
Types of PCBs Aluminum, flexible, fiber.
Support for components Tape, Cut Tape, Tube, Reeles, loose parts
Test AOI Inspection Test

Optical Test


Programming in the inspection test, with image recognition patterns based on component libraries allows us to detect a number of failures that can be programmed with a high degree of flexibility.


  •  Rotating components.
  •  Heights of components.
  •  Component reference.
  •  Defect, excess of tin.
  •  Quality of welding.
  •  Objects in places that do not have to be.

All series manufacturing circuits are inspected with optical, comparative pattern vision.

Manual Manufacturing

There are jobs that are done by machinery, increases the costs of industrialization, they are only profitable for a certain volume of units.

We want to help companies that develop and perfect their products with us until it is stabilized.

All our workers are committed to the quality of the product. Quality is not just the work of a person, it is the attitude that resides in each one of us.


According to the designs, it is necessary to use manual manufacturing processes. Our team with many years of experience is effective in all types of assemblies.

  • THT Insertion
  • Manual welding, double face welding.
  • Wiring, welding cables.
  • Integration of systems, multi-PCBs.

Functional test

The functional test is a final step in the test processes, to validate that the hardware of the product functions properly and is free of defects or latent defects that could affect the correct functioning of a system.

Our internal manufacturing processes apply several test layers while assembling. Until we reach the end of the process, where our technicians closely collaborating with the client defines the type of functional test to be applied.


The test tools are manufactured in Ermasol and adapted to each circuit, production volume and test level desired. Our test systems in the quality control processes seek to reduce the costs of test tools, from the simplest system to a complete panel of test points.

Proving els circuits muntats is a crucial step to ensure that the unitats tinguin the high qualitat month.

Test options

Our technical office works with the engineering of our clients to determine which types of tests are the most appropriate, depending on the volume, investments of tools and quality obtained.

Optical test, we verify the correct welding of the components.

  • Functional test, provided by the client.
  • Functional test, auto test. Provided by the client or with Ermasol executive support in the DFT process.
  • Functional, external test. Simulation of the working environment.
  • Functional test, automatic, are ATS systems.

Our quality policy obliges us to test 100% of the circuits we manufacture. The limit of how and until what level of complexity is used rests with the customer’s decision.

Environmental protection

Protecting electronic circuits from environmental hazards is essential to achieve a long product life.

An unprotected product subjected to humid environments at the time of assembly, causes condensation by cold heat. This product generates conductive oxide layers between the metal parts of the circuit, which may lead to a short circuit.


Certain products are dispensed with a UV reagent, in the same dispensing process it is inspected by an automatic inspection control system, guaranteeing environmental protection only in the programmed zones.

For each application and environment there is a product that suits the needs.

The environmental protection finishes not only protect from climatic elements like humidity, but also have other functions.

  •  Moisture protection: In thin steps, avoid rust films.
  •  Vibration protection: the thick silicone protections help to compensate for vibrations, avoiding weld breaks.
  •  Protection against discharges: Increase of dialectic of the circuit before electrostatic discharge.
  •  Dissipation ends. Distribution of heat by the contact areas of the thick layer with thermal silicones.
  •  Structural clamping collar: For devices with THT or cables, glue is placed on the clamping structure to prevent breakage.

Depending on the area of use of the product, different types of varnish can be selected for surface protections from a few microns thick to silicone protections with layers thickness of several millimeters.

With our automatic line of environmental protection of 5 axes and three nozzles capable of supplying three products at the same time, we offer solutions in all the dispensing processes, such as varnish, protective gel strand, structural glue or silicone.