• Who is Ermasol?
    Ermasol Is a Design & Manufacturing Company


Iso 9001 - 14001


After sales service


Our tools and knowledge are at your service, beyond the sale of the units produced all products have a later life. Stress in work regime causes breakdowns, which need answers, repair and correction of productive processes.

Repair, modification, updating of electronic equipment.

Electronic products, whether they are standard manufacturing processes, such as pre-series or prototypes, need upgrades over the life of the product.

  • Change of components.
  • Change of housings, adherents, mechanics.
  • Repair of electronic tracks.
  • Modifying circuits, adding components, cutting or adding tracks.
  • Firmware update.
  • Optical and functional test after modification.

Ermasol can do this service, offering the same process of optical test, functional test than when they have gone through the process of mass production.

Service of modifications.

In the task of taking a product to the market, we know that prototypes suffer the stress of testing, sometimes they are destructive, other times it is necessary to change components or make modifications in the circuit to test new ideas, etc. Ermasol offers a repair service and / or modifications of the prototypes to the customers for new tests being a special service for engineering.

If you see the components too small, if you lack pulse or just do not want complications, we help you!

Technical assistance to the client.

We can identify faults in the circuits, an electronic equipment that has caused a fault we can analyze it with the same test systems that are used in the production line, to quickly determine where the fault is, determining if it is convenient to repair the product.

By locating the faults of the products we can analyze the possible causes and how they can and to modify them to correct them in the future.

Maintenance of the product.

Throughout the life of the product, it can undergo different modifications depending on the market. Our monitoring plans allow us to define and continually correct which components can be used to maintain optimal conditions – in real time – of the product. In close collaboration with the engineering of our customers, we provide solutions in the supply chain.